Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flags going down....

This is what World cup is all about..
It was clear…the paced play .... the true way of European football… the semi’s..
The way a team should play in the semi finals… that’s what Spain showed yesterday…

Deserved win for Spain….
Can’t find words how to praise their midfield and defending , when Germany is in tears…
:-( :-( :-( Hm.... mm... stil trying to get out of that gusty feeling....

History repeated for Germany to get thrown out in the semi’s once more…
Due that Muller was missing the match….??
Or for the Euro champs to stay in the title….??
Six players involved in the 2008 victory played the games..??
The three man - one ball funda that spain adapted…??
Germany’s all the time inability to play well in pressure…??
Or the Octopus was so hungry for the right food….??
Everything seemed to fall in space for the Spain…
They played truly well…and no german strategy or technics could break that….
I find no shame in admitting that…
Bu yes, I wont say germnay didn’t play well….they did the defending, they tried to move on with strikers..
but in vain, nothing got into bloom.... they always lose the game after half time….
And this time it happened too….like all times...

Now , the flags are down, the only hope is to fight for the third place..
Let that history repeat as in 2006…. And I hope Klose can score one or two more..
Its true favourites remain favs all matter I count him still...
may be last match in the world cups for him... this :-(

The fever is subsiding for me… like for those ..already gone down for other heroes like Brazil and Argentina….
First time in Finals.....I hope Spain fights for the cup well..!!!!! and lift it for sure!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Believe me, forgive, me, trust me, love me, stay with me, care me , respect me, appreciate me, see me, help me, talk to me, miss me, hold me, all of the ME is part of life..

What all ME’s and how much of ME’s is that I need or expect from what I have to be clear!!!!