Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Struggling To Live......

Struggling to live for a purpose-I know not
Finding no joy in things supposed to be done
I live, I eat, I drink , I sleep, I talk...
I keep on moving in a never ending circle..
Where had I lost the dreams of my youth
Where had I left my smiles to celebrate
Words do no more supporting for my cheering
Words do no more healing for my throbbing
Like a bird with no more wings to fly
Like a tree with no more leaves to shed
I stand beside this time that is moving
I stand beside this life that is changing
Hoping for a new sunrise to come my way
Hoping for a new crack of dawn for me to live.

written with frustration depression...etc..etc....today afternoon...

Me!! Writing a blog!!

At las..... lemme start!!!
When I visited blogs, and read articles of others, did I ever had an idea of writing on my own..? I surely guess - NO....
Today the trigger has been set, and released...by another blogger friend....
So hoping these first few words of mine, will add me to the list of so called
bloggers :-)

Hope I come across happy times blogging :-)