Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Struggling To Live......

Struggling to live for a purpose-I know not
Finding no joy in things supposed to be done
I live, I eat, I drink , I sleep, I talk...
I keep on moving in a never ending circle..
Where had I lost the dreams of my youth
Where had I left my smiles to celebrate
Words do no more supporting for my cheering
Words do no more healing for my throbbing
Like a bird with no more wings to fly
Like a tree with no more leaves to shed
I stand beside this time that is moving
I stand beside this life that is changing
Hoping for a new sunrise to come my way
Hoping for a new crack of dawn for me to live.

written with frustration depression...etc..etc....today afternoon...

1 comment:

Mad Blogger said...

The dawn has already arrived. You just need to open your eyes and look out. The more you close ur eyes and think its darkness, the brigness of a beautiful dawn will never reach you.. Boy... this is defenitely tipping the heights of frustration.. :-)