Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My hobbies changed with you...

I remember me in school days....I had cultivated stamp collection...and picture collections..
2 albums – one for stamp..another for pictures...sticking whatever I felt good.. and I had a good set of encouragers to do so..
I used to love what I do – and I would talk about this as my hobby to all..and each I met...

But in my teens I used to have tough time thinking – what is my hobby yaar.. ?
If hobby is a thing you do in your free time – or something when you are alone- squeeze meeeee.... I never had time left to do things – be whatever called a hobby..
Crowded with people – of all age groups.. and thats it..time just passes by for me...
Freak out..small shopping’s, movies & theatres, cricket , get togethers, jus roaming here and there....cycling, long swims in beaches all added to that...
Well- it’s the age where you actually want to understand the meaning of what is life to be? How to live it excitingly..and never get bored..!!
Yup....!! Involve in all sorts of freaks , ups and downs, all sorts of restrictions , thousands of smiles, imitate my hero, break the rules then scolding and warnings, silly tears...don’t know what list...
I am on top of the world – Teenage is the age that makes you want to feel like that..:-)
Guess free time hobbies – got erased from my life ..reason was obvious..
me being the crown in my friends priority list ....I was actually on top of this world.

Life moves on... Years passed.. Never through these years I had a hobby to name one..
City never slept so early for me – when I was surrounded with my dear and near ones..
But without them, yes.. it goes to snoring loud early at the sunset..

When I sit and think – how to kill time on a weekend, or wht to do today if I am back home early.. .. ?
Wondering have I to type Google 'what to do on free time’ ...?? Do i do that??
Or should I make facebook and orkut as my best buddies...?

Hobbies changed with changing priorities of others...
From a list of 0 – I started making it count till 12, 13..etc..
I don’t want to be a couch potato my hobby list is increasing..with time.. and in the list this blog is on the tops now!!!!!!

Your changing priorities in life ...made me change my hobbies my dear friends...
..(inspired from the lazy post... Priorities... a suggested read)


la-z-boy said...

Nice read. I wonder what Google will throw up for the query "What to do on free time" :-).
Nice to know that even I could inspire you to do something :-).
And thanks for the link.

AJai said...

nice one... i remember going through a phase in my life wondering what my hobby was. not that i'm clear abt it today either. but like u said in ur post... almost everyday i find something new to do. nice. :)

Viji said...

Hey Sh, i do agree with you, withy time our hobbies do change...It also depend on the change in priority, lifestyle, the place we live etc....stamp collection is a great hobby, though....

For instance, isused to do lot of gardening while in school/ college, but could not pursue for a long time coz of so many reasons. Now, i'm so happy to back to it in B'lore! Watering the plants in the morng is just next after brushing:-).

Hey, btw, if u are in B'lore letz try to connect sometime.

Cheers, Viji

sh..... said...

@Ajai - I felt you are busy enough to live - that you wont have hard coded hobby name... nice to know everyone has this phase of life..

@Viji- nice to know that you do gardening.. my mom tried to induce that in me - but never felt interested in gardening... and i ve already pinged and mailed u...on gmail:-) sure we can connect.