Thursday, October 7, 2010

I did it right!!

Sometimes life is too short to sit and imagine..
What I did is right or wrong...??

I liked what I did, when I did it, where I did it, whom I did for....the way I did it!!!!!
That’s more for be sure ; yes I did it right...!!!


sh..... said...

thilak vj -
let me post my own opinions,not considering you,but all,i mean applicable to all including me :-)
No one is perfect in this world, who is deciding what we do is right or wrong, its by ours only.
As long as,we dont harm anyone directly in our every action, then we can say , we did right and do right, but always its not possible in the
current world. Indirectly if anything goes wrong and if we come to know later , then we'l regret for that and try to give the best to rehabilitate.
then again we'l get the feel i did right.

Life is too short only , but in this short period only everything is happening :-)...(sollunga am i right? )
but its a nice thought u have and i had a chance to recap what i did wrong and right in the past :-) Tx.keep posting.
Have a nice day ahead.2:35 pm

sh..... said...

shruthi pankaj - Thanks Thilak...:-) Agree to your thoughts