Friday, January 7, 2011

My Teacher...

I stepped out of my home with fear and tear,
For I wouldn't want to leave the holding hand.
When the bill rings and I take my seat in class
I am happy that you are there for my care.

You taught me how to learn and play together
You showed me light, colours and rainbows.
Be it numbers, words, figures, circles or angles.
You made them all appear interesting to me.

You nurtured in me confidence to live and love,
Taught me how to do things in right and best way.
Gave me wings to fly high, dream and achieve them.
Lead me to be strong and responsible for my deeds.

All my aspirations said I wanted to be like you.
All my questions ended in true answers with you.
I found God in you for you were the strongest
Home away from home, I never missed my mom.

You have got a special gift for learning and sharing
A heart that deeply cares and add love to my life
Everything you bestowed in me, all without selfishness.
Everything you shared with me, made me what I am.

Today I don’t step at school nor hear bells ring,
Still my heart holds all those moments with you.
When I learn something new in everyday life,
I remember you with all the respect and love.

I can write a thousand words in praise of you.
But it wouldn’t be enough to show gratitude that,
How much values you gave to me in my life..
How much value you mean to me in my life..


The ghost who walks said...

Beauty ! Very deep and detailed. I love it !


priya said...

very pure :)