Sunday, September 30, 2012

My voice is on my wall, so is yours...!!!

Facebook is on my favorites, most visited, recent history, recently closed tabs... I hope many of us do have the same name on their browser or on their ipad, iphone or so called tablets...

Many of us - just like me - use this to stay in touch with friends, acquaintances, have fun, play games, meet old school friends, make new friends, hunt jobs....and much more... Yes. Orkut, twitter, fb, linkedn all of them for sure helped me in many ways...but is this really working out for me in ways I really want to? Is this really working out for all of us as it should – or is FB controlling our emotions?

Is this blue page slowly painting my relations blue? what if these social sites is in actual driving my relations? Is posting on my friend's wall really giving the same feel as I would give it in person...? Staying in touch with FB is giving me an excuse to call them ? meet them ? maybe even message them or email them? Why do I expect my friends to know my life's action, good news, bad news, my thoughts.....through FB? and why do they have to give an excuse "I posted on FB, u didn't know, u didn't see?"

Is this wall really helping my relations ? Is it there to build or drift us in ways we never knew...? There used to be times where at least a call made sure that we are in touch... but nowadays my voice is on my wall and I hear my friend/family through their likes and comments.
Are you waiting for my smile and tears on the wall?
Will you recognize my voice if I happen to give a call?
Or am I the real Dumbo here- my friends and family do expect a call or a post on FB is enough for them?

Thoughts churning inside me - on how FB is taking relations to new directions….!!!!!
My relation with you grows with the number of posts on ur wall, my likes, my comments... if I stay on your timeline every second does that make me your good close buddy? Are we all starting to judge and measure our relations with the count of likes and comments ?
This blog post is eventually gonna hit on my wall – and yes no shame in admitting that I keep a watch on who likes , # of likes? who comments on this etc…..?
So is this open book really making my social life come into a vertex where there is no escape?

Huh!!!! Is this just another crazy thought running in my head -? Or let me guess...Am I slowly feeling to get bored of fb? Or am I trying to judge this wall? Or is it poking me so much that I need to take break from this blue window ?

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