Friday, January 31, 2014

The right thing to do with me.. !!!

“I was thinking I was doing right when I was going through the same...but it took me so long to realize that I am wrong.”
A liner that is so common to hear from anyone who has gone through it..

A good relation is a bond that comes from the heart.. and once you are glued to that person by your heart –
..... you don’t think twice to act or express for that person.
Every time you spend with them.... Every word you speak with them....
Every things you hear from them.. you make it a part of your life..
Everything you do for them feels important to you... Everything they make you do, you do it with heart..
With growing love in your relation you change so much unknowingly, you change for that person.
Your level of discomfort slowly moves on to the comfort zone and gradually you get adjusted with them...

It takes months, sometimes years or a lifetime to realize what you really going through..
A tick on the clock never tells that your love is taken as advantage.. and life is out of rails...
Every word you speak in care – turns out to be a disaster for an argument..
Every action you do with them, do for them – goes with the wind.
Do a thousand things , nothing counted.. still you try to be happy that you tried, you strived..
It gets to you like you failed to do something.. like you forgot to do something right..

You face the pain in the relation with great strength – for your heart is not just tired of them..
You bear the insult that this relation gives, you turn your face away so as to ignore the facts...
You overcome this broken trust in relation with great difficulty, demanding to trust again..
The only thing that matters to hold on is that you have been in it for long time...
You remember the times when you felt this love is forever.. this friendship is forever..
This relation is a lifetime...and now you don’t find any reasons to feel the same way.....

You never understand what caused this pain.. within you...
You start thinking that things will clear out soon...
I can quit, I never can....
I can run, I never think I can....
I don’t need you , I never wanna lose you...
Your brain and heart in a never ending conflict...
Your senses and wisdoms giving different battles...

You take advices from near and dear to deal with it somehow..
You take decisions that never works out to be true to you..
You go through days where you stop believing in self..
You feel you can’t fulfill the expectations in relation..
You feel you cannot maintain any relation in your life..
You feel you can never be a good friend to anyone..
You feel you are the one who is root of these problems..
They MAKE you feel like you are not worthy enough..

You don’t need to prove who is right and wrong in this..
This relation is proving every day in your life - that you are weak..
You just need to know that you are not yourself anymore..
The day is today to realize this relation is not what you need in life..
Waiting for a rescuer to come, waiting for a time to’s not going to happen..
End the wait is what you need to do – to know that You are your savior...and no one else.

If you still feel - you are STRONG...
Thinking that you have all the power to tolerate with the hurt in a relation... accepting all the unwanted dramas that this relation give..
And you try to survive and survive and survive till your heart is completely cut into pieces... You are wrong my dear... You are not strong enough!!
Your real strength is when you know that this music is out of tune and no lyrics is going to make it right...
Your real strength is when you break these chains and set you free... and you see that you are good enough for you!!!

“Any relation without love is still a relation , but without respect it never was a relation and never can be.."

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