Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are we 2? Or are we 6?

This interesting conversation came up with AR, when was trying to pull out the moody and lazy me to life.....
Yeah- It was being long since we talked either on phone?or thru a mail or a chat…

So when words like “2 of us talking would be boring…” came up…
I just reminded on the The Dark room conversation we had which was unbeatable one and that had made me blog it.

Suddenly from nowhere I know..…. the psycho in me popped up…..and gave its customary shape!!!

“let’s say u and me are talking, here there are only 2.. but actually 6 are there...and this is a fact
And the
1st person - the person whom I think who I am.
2nd person - the person whom U think who I am..
3rd person - the person who I actually is.
4th person - the person whom U think U are...
5th person - the person whom I think who U are..
6th person - the person who U actually is...”

: So we need to now feed all the 6 people ; definitely troublesome!!!
: No worry, here the 3rd and 6th person is always dumb.. so we don’t have to feed them..
:all the other 4 egos need to be fed thoroughly !!!
: 1st person - and 4th person – are deaf... check this… 1st and 4th - is what I think of I ; and what U think of U..rt.?? and these both person feel - there is nothing to change....and no need to hear....; so they tend to remain deaf...
: So in that case only left with the impressing two? Wont our conversations be boring?
:what if the 1st and 4th wishes to hear, and stop being deaf......!!! Then it’s never boring...and that’s where friendship works out...

I don’t know what made me blabber all these…conversations that took the lazy me out of me…for a while..
Seems like times we chat – just becomes memorable to me in some ways…

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