Monday, February 22, 2010

The Dog in the Bus

Lazy Monday morning, the rush to office….. reached the bus stop….
As usual – waiting for the bus number 201D….one came eventually after 5 minutes..
As not much ladies were at the bus stop – I was sure if I board the bus I would get a seat for sure.

I took the 2 steps and got inside the bus…
Guess what…..
A dog inside near the second seat….…. as if ready to travel!!!
I was a bit surprised and got afraid as it looked like a stray dog..
I gave a look to driver, then conductor , both acting normal!!
Cmon how am I to get inside the bus its standing on the way!!
I stared at it, the look on its face told me “I am not going to bite you”
Ok….fine…. I tried to act as if i was not afraid, I crept slowly and it moved and i sat near to it..

The conductor instructed the dog with actions and it got down….Once all ladies boarded, it jumped back to the bus …
Is that his dog!! All boarding the bus were a bit shocked of the scene happening…..
The old lady in the bus started the conversation.. The driver described the scene..
“…it has boarded from JB nagar, and travelled these 10 km to this last stop….now what? The bus is going back, so can drop it to that place…from where it boarded…Its not doing any harm….may be its lost don’t know why it boarded ? so let it be here….”

As the crowd in the bus got more – no place for the dog….!!! At las, made it get down. The driver showed no sign to the dog which was staring at the closed door!!
Bus started….
.. I wondered how it will find its way back to JB nagar…Where it actually wanted to go? What if my doggie was lost like that….. Somewhat felt helpless to help it!!

Monday morning traffic –sucks – seemed to ride a bullock cart!!
Reached the Sony world signal where the bus would halt for more than 20 minutes due to the signals..just three stops passed and bus was jam packed…
After 3 minutes….hard to believe my eyes….The dog is standing near to the bus door…
Now its upto the driver to press the button and open the door!! But cant do that… as the bus is full already….and all women would panic if he steps in!!
I guess it wanted to travel back to Jeevan Bhima nagar….may be that’s its home.
Driver whistled for the conductor and he came!! Hm… tricky situation for the conductor – should we leave the dog here? Or take him back?
He asked the dog to follow him…It silently followed him and made it board another truck that goes to its place...

Good people do exist in this world….I felt happy and my lazy morning washed out!!
Atleast - loved to see something unusual – different from the normal routine!!
And I am sure whoever watched this scene the bus, at the signal would have felt it..!! It was a good Gud morn message…
“Love Animals!! They too are just like us :-)“


AJai said...

He he... Brilliant. You know what? Can happen only in India. Incredible. I wish I could have seen it live. Lucky you. :)

sh..... said...

@Ajai- True!! I too couldn’t believe it...what I was seeing. Lots of emotions flown in that time. I wanted to pen it more beautifully for the feeling I had that time was so beautiful...:-)

Anonymous said...

wow, that's a really interasting story, Ajai is right, things like that can only happen in India.

Arun Muraleedhara Dev said...

chechi..! its a damn gud one ..perfect stuff for a short film with a touchin BGM...!