Monday, June 14, 2010

4 – 0 - was more than what I thought :-)

I had wondered if Joachim Low was the right choice when Klinsmann gave his way…
For Klinsmann was my star in 2006...and can’t stop admitting that I had a crush on him…!!!
The team proved it right yesterday…when the score hit 4-0 with Aussies….
Guess , I wasn’t in any doubts that the match would be in favor…
For the favourite - the golden boot - Klose was on the field…
His 11th goal in world cup career… surprises that it was a header..
as he had scored most of them in the same way…
Being his third world cup this time, his experience showed up the way for others in the team too..:-)

You rock.. …Miroslav Klose!!!
Just wanna see you score more… may be a 4 more hits away to break the world record..:-)

hm…i missed Zidane on the grounds this time – and in any other matches other than with Germany , you would see me cheer this season for France..too…!!!

I love to watch world cup – no matter what – remember all those years in my teenage…
having sleepless nights – just to see the match…fights @ home for staying awake late nights!!
This time as its in SA – lucky enough to get some sleep by 2am – and rush to office in the mornings!!
I don’t know when that passion for football swallowed me ....more than cricket..!!
None of the teams were my favourite… each time I used to revolve around players… Maradona, Beckham , Bagio, Baichung , Ronaldo, Zidane.....

But yeah, since 2002 .. I support Germany .. :-)
last time they missed…but this time I am sure….they are gonna lift the cup (fingers crossed)

I know it’s after a long time I am scribbling something, but feeling good , that the trigger had to be from FIFA.

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