Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan 6th -The great news over my mobile

The call was scheduled at 7:30pm from the CEO....
Yeah.... it was surprising...and great to be heard...!!!
Unbelievable it was...

THE GXS PRESIDENT award - the ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENT in GXS ; this one is the top one anyone can get here.......!!!

President's award is given every year....selecting the top layer of cream....
I am one of them for this year... Being honored for my valuable contributions to GXS in 2011 for exhibiting great GXS values..!!!
Across the globe - from GXS - I am one among the luckiest 10...I am the only one from India, from GXS -Bangalore office...:-)

The CEO call was about 3 minutes and was informed that I would become member for President's club 2011 and I can travel to Mexico to attend the President's club meeting to receive the award..that falls in Feb mid week. Moreover I can take one guest/friend/family with me for the president's club meeting.. I thanked Bob for making time for the personal call and informing me the great news...

With that call ending...I didn't know what to say to myself...Couldn't react anything much and I kept staring at my mobile - he just called me in person ......ooohhh.....!!!!

Hey, do i deserve this? second thoughts now - I do deserve it...
out of 3000 if i fall in top 10...why should i think I deserve it in real..??
Yeah, I am one of them!!!

Called up home, called up manager - thanked him for nominating me...emailed big boss, told to my close friends......over the weekend...:-)
Oh, God - this is so much of a reward for my hard work...:-) what a start to 2012..

The next week registration mail came for the event... That took my breath away!!!
Feb 12th to Feb 16th - A series of event lined up for my award...:-) A relaxation - vacation the Mexico...clubbed with GXS functions..

I need to get my visa, tickets, lots of things pending and time is so less..
Yeah, decided that my dad is gonna accompany me to Grand Velas Riviera Maya, at Cancun-Mexico....

My first project in this new year 2012 turns out to be "My Award Journey to Mexico"
Start Date : Jan 6th 2012
In progress : First phase - Gathering requirements...:-)


Suresh said...

Thats great news , congrats

sh..... said...

Thank you suresh:-)

The ghost who walks said...

Okay, that explains the photos. Congrats...knew you were capable...but what did you do? brought some X million $ revenue ?