Thursday, January 26, 2012

My first flight and trip to Delhi

After the Great news on my mobile...
there came hell lots of confusions between the US and Mexico – finally decided to go with Mexican Visa…
I had only one thought - back of my mind… chances of refusal or rejection of my dad’s visa if I go with the US one….
I was not ready to take a chance with him...nor ready to get risky…
This is like a biggest gift I can give to my dad…ever…
For all the hard work, efforts, time , my parents had put…so as to put me in this spot light..:-)
I couldn’t take a little risk to lose this chance….couldn’t let him loose this chance…

The application forms, and required documents ….got in hand on time
Filed the application with the travel agents..
God, travel agents SUCKS!!! You can’t rely any of them…
Travel, Visa, consulate rules, Air tickets, transit rules…all goddamn rules – trust me you have to go through it by yourself…
One lesson learnt in this 2 weeks… You just have to do your homework all the time in case of travelling..

The only Mexican embassy in India is New Delhi…
Woooh……My first visit to Delhi….
Yipee…!! So my first flight , the first flight I will board will be from Bangalore to Delhi.:-)
Wanted to book a best one….though it was domestic….Went and hit for Jet airways!!!

Dad reached Saturday Morning on 21st Jan…. Sunday was our journey.
22nd we had plans to visit our relatives house…. Hang out there if possible I wanted to roam around delhi..:-)

Boarded the flight, the experience was good.. Jet serves great breakfast!!
Clouds, I always fancied them… and to see them – right outside my window so close - was unbelievable..
The feeling was like – just break the flight glass- jump out and sleep on the bed of clouds…
Thts the click I managed to get from the window..

10am – 7 degree ?? Did I land in Kashmir or what?? It was cold than I expected……
Sunday – a good lunch at aunt’s house, followed by the longest temple ride …the Akshardham one!!!
You gotta see that to believe how long was it – 4pm to 9pm – and I think I could cover half the temple 
It’s an easy place to get lost in the crowd – with no cell fones with us!!

Republic day - parade practice , tightened security…I couldn’t roam anywhere else..
Gosh!! Delhi was just as it should be – Capital city – so great!!!
It’s true - I got that feeling of being in the capital once reaching there…

Hit back after dinner to hotel asoka palace…room # 204!!!
Sound sleep , long day…
Got up early; we both just walked to the embassy….
2 people managing the mexican embassy – terrific, horrible what should I call it??
Poor organized – whatever it is they assured I can collect my passport by 5pm.

We went out – for getting sweets..
Decided not to lunch at the hotel we stayed – price was too much to have for that taste ..
We had two pizza’s from slice of Italy…hm, not so good pizza….Delhi serves!!
Boarded my 2nd flight back to Bangalore… by 8pm… just fell asleep after the dinner…served!!

In the end - A good trip to Delhi – With Mexican visa’s stamped on our passport – Half job done..
Heading to start with the next!! My flight is via Paris…and for staying at airport for 5 hrs I need a visa!!!
Phew!!! - France Airport Transit Visa…for my transit is via Paris!!! Next mission!!!

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