Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stepping to the era of 30's!!

“Happy Birthday” – A wish where you actually feel so happy, and so special…
It’s a moment where everyone you are close with – remembers your day and wishes you – either with a card or mail or call….

In my thirteens to mid-twenties wishes always came in card or posts…
Then it started pouring in sms, orkut, fb wall posts, e-cards, emails….
This time I got loads of writings on my wall….Thanks to FB for being there to remind my friends !!
Whoever expected – called, but some of them didn’t….. I hope they remembered my bday…:-)
Whoever not expected – called, and some of them messaged…I hope they remember next year too..:-)
And there was a load of messages and mails from sbi, airtel, reliance, scullers, max new York, tata , westside, citibank, tech forums… :-)

How these birthday wishes changed with time….is a thought giver!!

The first step into 30’s is never pleasing…. It’s like entering another phase of your life….
When stepping into thirty - yes – everyone might have said this to themselves “I am turning 30!!”
At least all of my close friends (esp girls) had given a sigh about it…:-)
I don’t know about all others… but yes getting into thirties – make me feel a bit bothersome!!
Is it coz I am getting a year older?
Or is it coz another decade of my life is done?
Or entering 30’s is like really a big step where you leave your youth??
Fear of missing the wonderful , youthful days and having an aged feeling??
Was it coz I had an amazing twenties….in my life… and those moments are like best ones!!
Time for being naughty, flirty and dirty just got over?

I celebrated my bday this time at home – with my family and cousins…it was great!!
The day ended with replying to posts – and I am happy more than 50 posts had hit my bday wall!!

Still a thought was hanging inside - I have turned 30 today!! 


Sunitha Achuthan said...

Somebody very wise had said that thirties is considered as young age. Forties are the middle-aged... and you start to age after fifty..and then get old after you retire.

So, keep your worries aside.. :)

sh..... said...

Is that wise person's name starts with 'S' and ends with 'a' and has 7 letters in it :-)

I love you for this comment...trying to soothe the feelings...!!