Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The best friends I ever knew!!

The only friend you have, had and will always have..
I think I know who it is.. It’s CHANGE…

Time’s best friend - ( a fictional thought )

No one would dare to make friends with you…
Why would anyone want to get stuck with time…?
I am all the while fighting with you to make a living.
Why should I tolerate your tastes and your dramas..?
Who will stick to you forever and would want to?
You are already so much in love with Change…
You hold on to Change in every tick of yours..
The only best buddy you want to be with …

Your relation with change is so horrifying to me…
And sometimes it acts as the way to happiness..
Your relation with change is so annoying to me..
And sometimes it’s so very soothing too..
It helps me feel new passions, new relations, new aches..
It helps me give new promises, new chances, new pains..
It helps me grow old, grow strong, grow wise..
It helps me see new paths, new sunrise, new life..

I don’t know whether I should be happy that you both are best buddies.
But it’s true your relation with change influence my life a lot..
I don’t think I would ever able to decide why you both are best friends…
But it’s true your relation with change helps me decide my best friends…

When I was born , I was tied to you...
Just like you were tied to Change..

I realize you– that with time - change is a must..
How hard I try – I can never separate you both..
You are the best friends I ever knew!!
If I embrace time, I am holding hands with change too!!!

P.S. - I wanted to express more - but not able to write more on the relation with time and change!! They both share a relation that I can never express in my simple , silly words!!

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