Monday, February 4, 2013

Fail again for love..

True love happens to you only once...may be it's a state where one fails..!!
Sometimes it’s too hard to win over with that state of life...!!
The state where you try hard...hard..and still try harder....and still fail!!
How hard u try to hide it in you..or you try to bury it inside….never works..!!

Love doesn’t always win over you...always..!!
It wins over you in a way that you never would have dreamt of happening..!!!
It wins over you in a way that your heart is tied up - along with ur body and soul..!!
It wins over you in a way that you start fighting with anything that blocks its way...!!!

An attempt to escape seems so impossible when it has knocked your door once...!!
All your experience, all your strategy, all your efforts never works against it!!
Try harder to get rid of it, love bangs you and finds a way to stay inside you!!!
And when love wins over you...all you would want to do is fail again and again for it!!!

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