Saturday, May 25, 2013

12 years of an unbroken promise...!!

Every gesture you showed me was all the time filled with love...
Now I mourn to find words that can say how much I miss you!!!
It's being a week now that you left us.....trying hard...but....
But there is no way out...somewhere deep I miss you so much..

With all the love you once pounced on me – and since then there was never looking back..
Love me once, and I will love you forever…and that love is never going to die off.
Every day you taught me how true love can be kept as an unbroken promise..
There was never a day to doubt if u loved me less, you never gave a chance to do so.

The need of touch and cuddles that are part of your love.. revealed the fun side...
You were more than a guardian angel to me..for my home..all day and night...
I don’t know how many time you have forgiven me – for all the mistakes I did..
I don’t know how many times you showed patience – when I was the intolerant..
Losing you is accepting that those moments are going to be in memories..
Hoping you forgive me one last time if I didn’t love the way you deserved..

Twelve years of a gift - bounded with utmost trust and unconditional love....
Blessed to have you in my life and family..would miss you all my life..:-(

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D-Journals said...

this is sad.. :( RIP