Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When Religion is greater than God :-(

Taliban is a word familiar to all of us... I scribbled first time on terror when Malala took the bullet from this group...
That’s the time in 2012 when they became to me a "Group of cowards"

The survival of Malala has brought in hope.. it was a statement to the TTP ‘s – that it’s not so easy to bring the hope down.
** TTP – is (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) the Taliban unit in Pakistan (Taliban originally a group in Afghan) **

For Pakistan - Taliban is a word they are used to ....the acts of violence carried out is no surprise to the citizens...
Recent Karachi airport seize that grabbed news and attention... such incidents happens to remind us of their existence..
But yesterday when I followed the news, the scene was different - the intention was not to take hostages... it was KILL !!
It was heart breaking to see the numbers rise...from 60 to 100’s..
It would have been one of the deadliest scene one would ever want to see bodies of kids lying around in class rooms...
Empathies to all those parents and siblings... their state of trauma where one is trying to figure out if their kid is shot dead , injured or still alive......running through hospital corridors, searching face of their kid among dead or me would not want to be in that state...
When the neighboring nation mourns today in this...the other side there is a celebration of victory being done..
This is one among history that will be added to the pages...and tagged along with Taliban.

In this senseless assault...many dreams were killed yesterday...dreams of parents , dreams of sisters and brothers, dreams of a nation...
Many among us do feel sad, many burn with fury, some are afraid... and some of us wants to do something about it..
News reported that across India - many schools, we are offering silence in peace related to Peshawar attack...
I followed online news and social sites today too......comments, images and posts in news sites and fb.
”what kind of a world we live in... ?” “Why they target children?” “Act of cowards”.. "Peace be with those kids and family”
It was of no doubt to me that many of us think alike... That this incident is one such shame...
That we all together need to wipe out the Taliban... or for that matter - any group that acts against humanity...

But the truth is somewhat different ..... it is so far from what I am thinking...
There is an entire different set of people that lives here...many with a different mindset...
I read again today many comments...
“Pakistan, give up Islam”
“anyway they all have to die –so what if Taliban kills them...”
”I am glad I was not born a Muslim”
"you reap what you sow".
“some more should have been dead as well”
“pakistani pigs deserve this great treatment.”

With the last one – I stopped reading the posts... who are these pigs here ? small kids who got massacred with no mercy..?
When hundreds of kids are being people like these are at war online with such unbelievable ideologies and ridiculous thoughts....
May be the hate against Pakistan (or the religion Islam) – has grown in India(and many other countries) so much that these people has lost the ability to think beyond the nation rivalry.
I was saddened that... at times like these where kids are the victims – we had to learn from this , instead some are busy weaving nests of hatred through religion..
Where are we heading to... with such thoughts in our minds ? what are we trying to achieve..? Are we trying to prove that my religion is best among all?
Are we living here to die for religion ? or we are here learning to live through religion ?
It’s like ‘Religion is becoming greater than God’ .. Will this perspective or views of many people change one day?

This scribble came in from I followed through social media..the endless hatred comments... and it is making me ponder..
"Taliban is just not a group of people with guns... guess...another Taliban exists in minds of my fellow countrymen too.."

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Anonymous said...

Man created religion to be greater than god, every concept needs a tangible form (proof) to be accepted widely. Have we ever had a second thought and questioned why we follow various rituals or practices (good and bad) that religions mandate ?

God is soft-drink, religion is celebrity endorsement. what would you follow ?