Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bibles and Beef and Quakes..?

We have been seeing many natural calamities in the recent times…
This time the Everest started it all….. the result of it was heartbreaking…

I have been worried of the Nepal quakes – as my cousin brother was on a trip to Nepal with his friends.
We later got to know he is safe. It’s a relief for me and our family to have him back safe home now.
It’s like Our prayers are heard.

Some disasters that happen is really affected and have emotions flowing in and out of us – only when we have someone involved in it.
We pray for the victims, but the pain is never the same as we never gets directly in touch with those…
Until and unless we experience the pain of losing someone that we know of –in such an incident we may not get the real picture of it.
May be an anger against nature for having done this to many families…reaped in me. But then it soon subsided knowing how our planet is….
It’s a sign to all of mankind. You are here to live and die. Do now what it takes to make you and others happy …

I am just reading the news in numbers and figures – and how much ever I read or see photographs or videos..
To be totally frank with my heart … those dead and injured count are just numbers to me..
And in between I read many interesting news as well….

VHP leader linking Nepal quake to Beef eating - I should say bull shit ?

A plane full of Bibles for relief… sounds like edible bibles?

Should I read more on what’s happening to this world or what happened to this world ?
It’s sad to hear such incidents…. But makes it worse when we read such classic stupid things…happening over.

May things clear up soon in Nepal…may all the saved ones – build their lives sooner….and get back to normalcy.

Wanted to scribble on Nepal. But my thoughts are wandering.
Stopping this here.

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