Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, Its my Bday

I had a nice start of my bday..:-) since april 14th..
I called up all my close relatives….all over the world, wishing them a great Vishu…
All do remember that my bday is on the next day of Vishu, and tht they wished me advance itself…
That feeling makes me feel somewhere I am important in some hearts:-)
Everyone wished me a great year ahead implying the sense of locking me very soon…
The day is just going fine….too…calls, wishes, cakes, lunch, messages, all going great!!!!!

Is Birthday a day for you to rejoice in all you do?
Wishes come in your way, lots of emails bday ecards…..calls come ur way after another…..
Sms memory gets full in ur cellphone…..and wonder which bday wish to delete off and keep the ones…u need ?
Orkut scrapbook flooded with the bday scraps, and u need to find time to reply to each of them personally…:-)
All this signs can make u happy , a happiness feeling that friends are there to care for you…..
Yes, I am experiencing these signs, and yes all these signs should make me happy…..:-)

Happy Birthday dear!!!!

Am not I happy on this day of mine? Yes I am…….:-) Or May be I am:-) Or Am I :-)
At least a big smile always is needed at Shruthi’s face...:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
All beside her do expect that…at any case...
And I don’t have any plan of running short of other’s expectations, atleast not on my Bday:-)

Though this year...Expectations have fallen short from everyone to an extent on my side…
Last year I remember I had thought how life is changing day by day, and bday is never the same all year….
It’s not that your age increases….. Sometimes the call at midnight for the wish you expect only comes from new persons that has come into your life…
From person that you expect would never remember, had thought of you and called you early morn…
People whom we expect to call and wish sometimes forget ur day……:-(
All this is changing throughout the year….
When some old forget to wish, some new comes into picture….

Mind always stick to the best bday you ever celebrated….:-)
The best bday day you celebrated with ur family…with all around you..
Or your bday day being the wedding day of your best buddy…
Thinking the best b’day gift u got from him..he quitting smoking :-)
The bday where ur colleagues fight to decorate the face with cake creams….
The wonderful bday treat given in celebration…in finest dining hall:-)
Or may be spending the bday day just sitting very close to your love…:-)
Anyways, Birthdays are special to everyone, they become special only with ur special ones around..
Anyways, Birthdays are special to everyone, special ones in life really make it special just for you..

I have people around me more than what I can count in my fingers…to wish me…
So am I luckier that I have so many around to make me feel special..

Time changes all things, and one thing that never changes down is your age….
All says, getting older….. like getting mature, getting wiser…getting…..(I don’t know what else)
I don’t know what all stuffs all have to say……..or write on my day ….
Experience in friendship, love, hate, anger, sincerity, trust, tolerance, distrust, …
Experiences in tears, frustration, smiles, jealousy, selflessness, heartbreaks, disguise…
Experiences in sacrifice, self-control, possessiveness, falling dreams, torturing love, kindness, …

Experiencing much more than I should thes 27 years ; Yes had made me a better person..

I think all should wish on b’day…only one thing.....
To get chances in life where one can just be like a child.:-)

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