Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lucky 2 be on the 'F' side of sex !!

"Just a scribble of thoughts on the show today" waking up thinking tomorrow is Monday......
but guess what , I got up at sharp 11...!!
Yeah the Sunday morning wakeup call - didn't want to miss that.
a TV show from the so called perfectionist .. didn’t expect much...I never gave a damn to his crocodile acts!!
I wondered if it just was a celebrity show....something to do with his next film?
But the show just got me glued to the TV....
'Satyamev Jayate' - The episode just gets into one's heart, creeps immediately into the mind..
and it just started bombarding lots of questions in me too...

Yes...the topic was a shameless secret that our country is still holding!!!
The show just kept it simple, brought in statistics, well..
The darkest act was just not one deed of killing the girl child,
but it gave a shiver in my spine thinking the ripples it gives to us as girls..
This was not new to us, not new to me...the episode gave the cause, the roots of it...
Any magazine or news channel can do this, but I can say this show connected to me!! yeah!!

Went back to my normal Sunday routine, then couched to TV in the evening..
accidentally slipped in with repeat telecast....I watched it again..
Am I going to stay as a potato couch in this case too?
what can I do - I am just a "mango person" the "aam aadhmi" in this country..
I cannot do anything in this case....can I?
hmmm...but yes I still can vote on the same...
Logged into FB, clicked 'Like', shared in my comments, expressed my support!!!
Be it show tactics, or the usual SMS funda' every TV shows....
I didn't care....this time...SMS ed a 'Y' ...

Deep inside a thought came in - I should feel lucky to be born in this country.
I am so glad and I thank my parents, my family for that...they never had a second thought on me....when i was born...!!
and all those ladies and girls..whom i know in my life, my sisters, my friends, my colleagues...yeah guess we need to be lucky our sex is ‘F’ !!!
and....ahh...guess if we are lucky , then we should be glad to be born in this 'Bharat Mata' country !!!

It's too such a short time to judge a the first episode..
Was the topic so catchy to me, being a girl...? anyways was a good one.
And I hope it continues to give me an alarm every Sunday morning!!

'Satyamev Jayate'

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Krishnan said...

That's a Good one!