Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where there is love – is there a way out ??

"Just a scribble of thoughts on the show today - episode 5"

Breaking the tradition, Hurting the sentiments, Betraying your religious belief ..
Fed into the heart and heads of whoever is born and brought up in this country...
Even I am one of them....and who still does not have found a way to break this unsaid rule or visible boundaries...!!!

Lucky are those - who fall in love, find their true partner, and their love gets bonus picked to spend a life together..
May be I should not say lucky - the word is Bravo!!! Strong love that just hit the souls enough to cross all boundaries..
Like in the Bollywood - "Duniya hai dushman -Dushman se he ladna"!!!! all those who fight and win – either die or have a happy ending...:-)

I am not expecting any change of this scene - even a bit at all - from the show that was hosted.

It’s easy to put the blame on the tradition, culture and practices we following...
But India is full and rich of those values only…and that tradition is already created boundaries and breaking the wall built over a thousand years is not just easy.
Even though we see a modern India - lies beneath the real truth at every home, every town and every city where metro runs!!

Did the show just poke only the middle class, lower class, not-so educated - tradition minded people...?
Are we seeing only the "sarpanch ka faisla" here? and the show just peeped into that...
Crucifying the Panchayat was the only thing ? huh!!! Can’t you see anything on the television and internet in this modern world?
Community didn’t the hell just got bigger with all these...!!
Looks like Mr. Perfectionist didn't have those sites or add come closer to his eyes…
Or you were just so afraid to bring it on - as religion is something that everyone is afraid to touch...?

Didn’t the episode had more to cover – the real values that our country beholds tied with religion , caste as well as family values!!!
May be a highlight on the surrounded issues where killing your own love - in need of love… in middle of roads….
An insight into the crumbling minds of youth – in teenage, in their 20’s – amidst the chain pull process of leading their love to a success..

Naah…. Guess I am deviating the topic….May be the show just dealt with killing in name of love, for love, killing of busted girlfriends or boyfriends...sons, daughters...
That’s it ....nothing more - nothing less...I just have to believe that for now....

All these years in my life – in a middle class family of mine – where these values hold great strength - these boundaries never seemed a boundary.
But when true love is found - across these boundaries – then I guess these just become visible and feels like a chain that has to be broken…!!!

I wonder in such cases "where there is love - is there a way out... or is that true love isn't enough and needs that extra something?"

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