Monday, May 4, 2009

The Burning 4 Days.....

Day 1:
Yes, the main reason to go to Chennai as all knows is to attend Karthik’s marriage. Padi, pronounced as Paaaadi was a long hour journey of 2 hours from ksh's place....I found Thursday was burning hot inside the bus ..making me sweat all the way....!! A feeling of going to the function all alone made me feel lonely once more…But I was happy that I could make it to his wedding. By 10:45 in the hall, a big smile & surprise on his face….a congrats, a snap, the lunch, and a bbye wish to karthik & his jus married wife...and a prayer I made by heart..for the so called forever happy married life….By the way Karthik is an x-colleague in Wipro ; a guy who comes in the list of “Sweet guys” and whose marriage I had to attend.

"Yes, I received the call from Blore about 11… giving me the news that I didn’t want to hear.. !! Tied my heart so strong that the feeling doesn’t grows in me, so it doesn’t make my Chennai visit dull & gloomy. Sometimes I feel God is really blind"

Back home by 2...and then having me left with no option rather than sleeping, I slept for 4 hours at a stretch..and the next voice I heard was ksh when she was back from office at 8 clk..
Playing with kid made all of us sleep a little late by 1…….and at last the call for sleep came inside my eyes.

DAY 2:
Friday was a holiday for all..
Time passes so soon when a kid is at your home.. The baby has such magical powers in engaging you for the whole day...babies are born to give a smile on ur face and the only thing they needs is attention...Give them , they are yours!!
Friday at 2:30; the call taxi came (of course hired AC only) to go Rajakalpakam …..Liji is my collegemate , my hostel roommate & a sweet friend of mine. In one line I can sum it all…we even had LFA(Liji Fans Association ) in our college…..coz she was such a kind of person. Now I don’t need to describe about her. This time at her home there awaits Siddharth - 11 month old cutie pie... I was excited on bringing the 2 kids together, of almost the same age and what would be like to experience their together times…their expressions…their play…!!!!
I was capturing snaps & videos of the scene of 2 babies getting along with each other... almost all the time….Tirunelveli halwa… was yummy and I packed the remaining from there…to gulp it later. Yes , I had to keep a share of it.. Had a very nice time..till the evening at 6 over there. Boarding a bus for a tiring journey back to ksh 's home was unmanageable with her kid. Of course I thought if I had the confidence of driving the car on road the call taxi and the bus wouldn't be in all..Hm!!!

Kathipara was where I got down…on Thursday morn...from the Blore bus to Chennai....Having a look at it… from one side… I remembered the picture I seen …Yeah I saw that flyover for the first time.. Was feeling happy inside that he is part of the design of it. At least now I know it’s not just mud & cement but there are various things in structural engg.
It’s been a pleasure in being with him all these 12 years.....seen & unseen times... in touch...& far away times...
Our meeting happens once in a year...and that turns special to each other in our own ways...I was skeptical in deciding I should meet him once his flight lands in Chennai.....or later? I don’t know may be this time I was too excited on this meeting... Don’t know why..May be I had a fear if this would be the last chance to spend time….
But the climate turned to be a disaster for both of us.. Having roamed around in spencers plaza in that ac mall..and being done with our lunch...burning heat... gave birth to similar thoughts in our mind.. "Let’s quit this meeting as of now.."
Wearing that helmet and come all the way just to drop me to Ksh's home and then back to his place, it would be so mean on my part to make him drive km's in that sun..But I had no point to argue on that…. That’s it, a long ride back to home….Ksh had seen him and the maaza got served to cool our throats after the journey... Hmmm, Next visit would be to Bangalore to meet me & I need not come to Chennai next time...for he didn’t want me to burn anymore..:-)

Elvin gave me a good slap on my face for the scolding I gave him… when he banged his metal car on my laptop..which was a response for another scolding I gave him when he pulled the ‘num lock’ key from the lappy…Hm…:-( I understood that one forgets stubbornness , become so patient, become so selflessness……and much more….when with a kid…for u r ready to lose this all for a smile on the small chubby face…
An evening walk of 10 minutes to the beach made the day give it a cool ending...
Oops!! Ending?? No... For me & ksh didn’t sleep that nite.. was talking so much, involved so much that realized it is 5:30 in the morning...And surprisingly we were not sleepy after that....So for me this Day3 didn’t end to a night but to the next dawn..:-):-)

DAY 4:
A small risk of ksh driving the car......and me at the front seat guiding her....made the journey to Sunday church special for her and for me..
Sleeping was the second thing I had when I get tired of playing with chottus…
An evening stroll to Spencer again….unexpected purchase of a jean from there…:-)
Struggled back in the traffic to get back home; packed stuffs; had to just lick the payasam that was prepared.. Couldn’t have it.. much :-(
9:30 bus boarded from Adayar…..Calls to inform I started…..done with it.
Oh Yeah!!! No need to mention….the same old ladies seat problem again… In bus… one girl was sitting with a guy, and we thought they were couple.. somehow I didn’t feel like asking her by myself….But later when checked ; she told not.. so adjusted… I was wondering why the “@^#%^#%^^” that girl wasn’t bothered to get a ladies seat…somewhat 20 mins time got wasted in it only.. to start the bus…..
Hm, thts it… seat........I seemed very sleepy coz of the Saturday night out me & ksh had together….
I didn’t know anything after I slept…. woke up only when bus reached masjid signal….
Back to Bangalore…early morning cold breeze….Thank God!!! I felt like reaching paradise!!!

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